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Our Work

        During the infancy stages of RPM Pool Technicians, a premier pool service was envisioned to provide homeowners with comprehensive annual service agreements.  Providing Comprehensive Annual Service Agreements,  RPMPT enables a quality-controlled, specialty skilled serviced based experience with a unique and very personable touch of service-friendly relationships and thorough communication abilities with every client we serve. In all seasons RPMPT provides an undisrupted comprehensive pool/spa service and is proactive in delivering a maintenance package to protect your backyard retreat during the shutdown period we have in the Northeast's colder months of winter.


Over the years, many clients began to inquire about RPMPT to enhance their pool's operational efficiency and to renovate/restore the integrity of their existing residential in-ground swimming pool structures. In 2020, when COVID-19 presented itself, existing customers planning stay-at-home vacations and new residential homeowners relocating into Fairfield and Westchester Counties,  RPMPT was presented with a demand for a quality, reliable, and thorough no-nonsense pool renovation service, unlike the experiences being shared by clients with horrible experiences. Stories of incomplete permit pulling, improper tile & plaster applications, incorrect work materials, unlicensed labor workers, disrespectful staff communication, half-measured service, long response times, and price gouging are just a few to mention.

The last 3+ years has been turbulent in some way for everyone. Year after year RPMPT solidified loyal relationships over 24+ years in this skilled trade and has the best specialty service partners who dedicate their life's work to inground swimming pools.  We work hard to meet the demands of our clients and strive to provide a seamless experience for every one of our clients.

Please look at a few of our job sites and reach out to us if you have an interest in discussing our services.  We are always available for an introduction and a site visit to discuss design, labor, materials, timelines, and availability.  

The scope of work we provide includes new perimeter pool tile, coping stone replacement, interior plaster resurfacing, interior pool paint removal, skimmer replacement, pool plumbing upgrades, LED light installation, water replenishment installation, safety fence installation, equipment upgrades(energy efficient circulation pumps, lp or nat pool heaters, automation systems w/ wifi remote control, salt systems, ozone, UV, summer safety covers, loop loc winter covers and more.)



Whitney Dr Greenwich, Connecticut

This completed renovation project in the backwoods of Fairfield County, CT this pool and shared spa was restored from years of neglect. Our work included the removal of a failed paint over the previous homeowner applied on the existing plaster. Removal of any paint coat is mandatory for all painted-over pools in order to prepare the pool shell to adhere to a more vibrant and long-lasting Quartz aggregated pool plaster finish. Also, included with this renovation is the replacement of the perimeter pool tile, perimeter coping releveling, interior stool removal, skimmer(s) replacement, and finally the installation of a new expansion joint to protect the new tile perimeter. SGM Diamond Brite(Black Onyx) quartz aggregate finish was a nice touch that exhibits a crystal clear salted body of water for those who enter.

Church Tavern Rd
South Salem, NY

At this location was a kidney-shaped pool that was once the backyard focal point of this beautiful estate in Westchester County, NY was re-designed to a 20'x40' rectangle pool only with a French Grey Diamond Brite pool finish, bluestone 6" frost proof pool tile, 2" flare edge coping with two deep end swim outs for an effortless deep end pool exit. The top deck features a blue stone deck laid in a French Pattern set on a solid cement base to prevent shifting with the Northeast's colder months.. Also constructed is a 100' retention wall with integrity.


Tredwell Court
Weston, Connecticut

This large painted pool was in dire need of attention during the time this home was being renovated for a new out-of-state family. The pool's circulation lines were broken from ground shifting and many of the directional wall returns were undersized for this large surface area structure that holds a large body of salt water. The proper placement of Hayward suction skimmers, wall returns, and code-compliant main drain suction lines housed in dual pots manufactured by Hayward.  A new Starite Max-e-therm 400LP Pool Heater was installed for heat demand and the homeowners decided to refinish the pool interior with PebbleTechnology Pebble Fina Classico and 6" frost-proof porcelain pool tile.  Multicolored LED lighting is controlled anywhere in the world using an IAqualink Wifi Enabled Automation Control System and  Ivory Travertine pool coping with a matching deck in order to maintain a cool-to-touch surface on the hottest of the Northeast summer days.

Bald Hill, Rd
New Canaan, CT

This backyard escape was a new, simple, modern design requested by a homeowner of large estate in need of a minimalist style and neutral color spectrums to blend with the surrounding landscape. A Diamond Brite French Grey finish, tiled with 6' bluestone porcelain tile and 2" Bull Nose Travertine Coping stones.  A French Pattern perimeter deck laid with Silver Travertine finishes this beautiful pool area for daily entertainment..

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