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Annual Pool Servicing


Welcome to RPMPT, where we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier pool maintenance services tailored to meet your needs year-round. Our Annual Service Agreement offers a comprehensive 12-month plan that includes everything from opening and closing services to weekly maintenance, chemical balancing, and 24-hour emergency assistance. At the start of the season, we ensure your pool is summer-ready by removing winter covers, inspecting equipment, and balancing chemistry. As the season winds down, our winterization process ensures your pool is properly prepared for colder months, including equipment storage and water treatment. Weekly cleaning and maintenance keep your pool pristine, while our expertise extends to portable hot tubs, one-time cleanings, and equipment upgrades. From automation control systems to saltwater systems and gas heaters, we handle it all with precision and care. Trust us for reliable service, expert repairs, and a commitment to keeping your pool in perfect condition.


  • Annual Service Agreement  (12-month comprehensive service) includes an opening, first vacuum, closing, weekly service, chemicals, 24hr priority emergency service, heater service, filter equipment conditioning, parts replacement(limited), winter maintenance, and winter pump down service.

  • Summerize (start of the season) winter cover removed and stored, all equipment will be assembled and operational, the entire pool will be brushed, vacuumed, and the chemistry balanced, equipment will be inspected, and any issues will be reported to the homeowner (excessive chemicals will be charged accordingly)

  • Winterize (end of the season) pool h20 will be lowered, h2o will be super chlorinated, all circulation piping will be blown out and plugged, equipment will be disassembled and stored, the heater will be winterized and treated to limit rodent nesting, winter cover will be installed(if applicable) equipment will be inspected and any issues will be reported to the homeowner

  • Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance serviced on a day of your preference, h2o will be balanced, pool vacuumed, skimmed, brushed, and safety cover closed(if applicable) circulation equipment serviced, filter area/mechanical pit will be maintained, weekly service includes all basic chemicals for balancing water. (service does not include chemicals for specialty uses i.e. phosphate removal, stain treatments, super chlorination, etc..) consistent access to the pool and equipment is required

  • Portable Hot Tubs  troubleshoot, equipment repair, parts replacement, h2o balancing, hard cover installation

  • One Time Cleaning units vacuumed, skimmed, brushed, complete water analysis, h2o chemistry balanced and equipment will be thoroughly inspected (excessive chemicals will be charged accordingly)

  • Equipment Upgrades existing equipment will be inspected and suggestive replacement equipment can be quoted for authorization

  • Automation Control Systems set up, seasonal programming, rebooting, demos, troubleshoot, repair and upgrades

  • Salt Water System installation, upgrade, repair, troubleshoot, maintenance, generator cell inspection and cleaning, salt calculations, and dosing

  • Ozone installation, repair, maintenance, annual renewal kit replacement

  • Gas Heaters installation, upgrade, repair, troubleshoot, annual inspection, diagnostic determination to safety switches and control membrane devices, removal of rodents and nesting, unit efficiency determination

  • Filters installation, upgrade, repair, element cleaning, element conditioning, backwashing, sand and gravel replacement, internal element replacement(cartridge/DE) chemical reconditioning

  • Circulation Pumps  installation, upgrade, repair, troubleshoot, seasonal programming (VS-SVRS)

  • Pool Lighting installation, troubleshoot, inspect, bulb replacement, lens replacement, conduit sealing

  • Leak Detection (certified underwater diver) bucket test, dye testing, pressure testing, hydrostatic relief test, water loss calculation, repairs quoted for authorization

  • Acid Washing drained and cleaned, acid bath, removal of stains/crystals, refilled, h20 tested and balanced (trucked h20 @extra cost)

  • Safety Grate's inspection, replacement

  • Water Chemistry Balancing complete h20 analysis, chemistry balanced with basic chemicals (phosphate, stain treatments, super chlorination, etc.. @extra cost)

  • Winter Saftey Covers deck anchors re-drilled or replaced, seasonal cover repair(@additional manufacturer costs) new cover measurement, installation

  • Preventative Winter Pump Downs h20 monitored, h20 lowered (if needed), h2o treated and balanced, heater inspected with the removal of rodents and nesting, winter cover inspected for spring failure and storm damage

  • New Plaster/Re-Plaster Start-up  h2o balancing, 30 day+ intensive overlooks of the plaster curing process

  • Pool Plaster, Tile, and Coping Renovation  renovation to pool interior finish, renovation of pool tile and coping

  • Pressure Washing available upon request

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