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RPM Pool Technicians
Robert P. Morange
Robert P. Morange

RPM Pool Technicians are enthusiastic premier pool service technicians that deliver a quality service to all clients old and new. Our pool technicians follow the rule of being kind and will try hard to go above & beyond your expectations to assure your pool service needs have been met. Our technicians will strive to provide knowledgeable and thorough pool service procedures for every visit we make at your residence.  As personal experience is the best teacher, RPMPT commits all hisllf technicians to continued education sessions throughout the year. These industry courses are provided to any active member of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association.  These training courses are for all pool technicians that work hard to provide quality operating procedures for our annual pool service agreements and every RPMPT pool service visit. Seasonal Standard Operating procedures are thoroughly discussed prior to the transitional pool seasons with every technician in order to keep individual skills sharp, and precise so that any issue is confidently handled. At weekly employee meetings, RPMPT service routines are discussed to emphasize that RPMPT is to provide a knowledgeable, professional, thorough, and consistent pool service for every visit,   Clear communication between us and our clients is paramount and we are always supplied with top of the line products directly from distribution and industry manufacturers. Never do we purchase online, this is the main reason we stand and provide a 3yr parts and labor warranty on any equipment upgrade purchased and maintained by RPMPT, we will be happy to provide you with the amount of information requested by way of electronic door tag, doorbell ring, text or phone call, RPMPT offeres a service relationship that goes the extra mile every visit and will focus on exceeding your expectations. 

    203-274-7387 | Stamford CT |


CT HIC.0650461

NY WC.30233-H18


Certified Pool Inspector

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